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Let’s Shower Babies with Books

Katie Schaefer

Baby showers are the perfect opportunity to help new parents build an amazing library for their kiddo. Picking out a book can be a tricky task however. Will the parents already have it? Is it beautifully illustrated? Is it a delight to read aloud? 

Below are some amazing books that celebrate the wild wonder of bringing a new person into the world. They are books that celebrate discovery and possibilities that await this new tiny human. It’ll have the parents-to-be wiping away the complicated tears of anticipatory nostalgia. 


If You Come to Earth

If You Come To Earth by Sophie Blackall

Think of this book as a guide to Earth. Fun Fact- Sophie Blackall reached out to her followers on Instagram to name the paint tubes in one of her illustrations while illustrating this book.  She picked one of my suggestions “Lights Off” for a tube of black and it’s included in the book. See if you can spot it!


I Can Open it for You book cover

I Can Open it for You by Shinsuke Yoshitake

Full of delightful sound effects, this book tells the story of a young child who is frustrated that they can’t open things by themself. It simultaneously is a hopeful story about skills to come, and wistful as his father realizes help won’t be needed forever.


The Wonderful Things You Will Be book cover

The Wonderful Things You Will Be by Emily Winfield Martin

This book celebrates all of the loving things parents imagine their children will be as they grow. It’s a quiet story full of sweet vintage-y illustrations



The World And Everything In It book coverThe World And Everything In It by Kevin Henkes

Explore the big and little things that live side-by-side in our world. This book is chock full of imagery to point to and name as babbling babies become talkative toddlers.