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Shop Local, Read Local! Vol. 1

Lottie Spurgin

Supporting local artists is just as important as supporting local businesses! Luckily for us in St. Louis, it’s super easy to do given that we have some PHENOMENAL local artists. Here are some notable titles to check out!


Heart Takes the Stage book cover

Heart Takes the Stage by Steenz

The first volume in a collection of ‘Heart of the City’ a strip comic illustrated by Steenz! The strip follows the life of Heart, the daughter of a single mom in philadelphia. Heart has dreams of a life of theater and performance, and we watch her work towards her passions as well as handle run-of-the-mill middle school drama alongside a colorful cast of close friends. Steenz does a phenomenal job as the artist of Heart of the City, channeling charm into every panel.


BRZRKR book coverBRZRKR by Matt Kindt, Keanu Reeves, and Ron Garney.

BRZRKR follows a man named B, suspended between godliness and mortality with an uncontrollable urge for violence. He finds the perfect outlet for his relentless bloodshed, in working for the US government to complete their most dangerous battles— all while he searches for himself. Matt Kindt aided Keanu Reeves in writing this bestselling book and channeling the gritty nature of B’s existence. 

Party Animals book cover

Party Animals by Lorry Jamison

In Party Animals, Onyx is attending a house party when they bump into their mortal enemy Reggie. As if the bash couldn’t get worse, it gets invaded by viscous werewolves! Onyx and Reggie have to navigate the deadly house party without getting mauled, and things prove even more difficult between them as they work through their complicated enemies-to-lovers relationship. Lorry tells an incredibly fun story with excellent thought put into the characters, all while being a very endearing, human feeling story


Solace County Vol 2 book cover

Solace County by J. Marshall Smith

An annual collection of J. Marshall Smith’s artwork, doodles, and comics from the year. J. Marshall Smith has a gorgeous semi-realistic art style with strong, confident, statement inking, and bold warm colors. His work is particularly inspiring sketchbook fodder to me, and I can’t recommend picking up enough especially if you’re an artist.


Blackwax Boulevard book cover

Blackwax Boulevardby Dmitri Jackson

An anthology of Dmitri Jackson’s webcomic about a grimy, weird record store and all its many patrons. It’s a great read for any music lover. The comic satirizes the indie music scene, and the types of people that dwell in it. The art conveys the aesthetic of the record store perfectly, and each minicomic is entertaining!


Under Kingdom book cover

Under Kingdom by Marie Enger and Christof Bogacs

A beautiful exertion of cartooning, Marie Enger brings angular, stylistic, eye-candy art to the whimsical store of Christof Bogacs that made me feel like I was a little girl getting into some of my all-time favorite comics all over again. The story follows a highschool freshman who is suddenly thrust into a world of responsibility- ruling a kingdom of monsters beneath his small town!


You may have noticed that this blogpost is titled Volume 1! Expect more local recommendations from me in the future. Happy reading, thanks for supporting local businesses and artists!