Join our

2024 Reading challenge!

Join our 2024 reading challenge!

— UPDATE: Keep track of your progress on Storygraph!

We’re challenging YOU to read comics all year long with our low-stakes 2024 Reading Challenge! Feel free to mix up your reading order, take breaks, binge three in one month, etc. As long as you read twelve graphic novels that fit each category, we’re happy!

Click on the photo above to access a printer-friendly version for those of you analog lovers. Keep reading to get a brief breakdown of each month’s theme, and follow up each month here to get ideas!

January: Learn Something New – Whether it be a nonfiction graphic novel, a how-to garden comic, or a zine about making zines, pick up a book that teaches you something!
February: Calling All Couples –
It doesn’t matter if you love or hate romance for this one, so long as the story is about a romantic relationship! 
March: Comic Strip Corner –
For March, we’re encouraging you to read comic strip-related works, whether they be classics or more modern versions that play with the format.
April: Found in Translation – Read a graphic novel that’s been translated into English.
May: Fashion Focus –
Read a graphic novel with some kind of artistic focus on fashion and clothing!
June: Animals, Aliens, and More! –
No humans allowed for this prompt! Well… at least less than usual. For June, we’re challenging you to read a book with at least one main character that isn’t human.
July: New Kids on the Block –
This one is simple. Pick up a comic from a debut author! 
August: Get Schooled –
In honor of classroom season, we want you to check out books set in schools.
September: Superhero Surprise –
Check out a comic about a superhero! Bonus points for reading something NOT from DC or Marvel.
October: Black & White –
A bit obvious from the title, but for October, we’re asking you to read something drawn only in black and white.
November: Awesome Analog Art –
In November, challenge yourself to read something that incorporates analog art. This means art that was made by hand with real tools, not digitally. If the book uses both, it counts!
December: Oldies But Goodies –
Read a comic that was published in 1994 or earlier.

Keep your eyes peeled on our social media and our blog for ideas throughout the year as wade our way into each month’s challenge! Of course, as mentioned above, feel free to go out of order. Happy reading!