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Colin’s Superhero Picks for Alex!

By Colin Vitro

Hey, guys did you hear the good news? Our own Alex is getting into superhero books! I think we as a community can help nurture this growth and recommend books based on Alex’s appreciation of Nightwing by Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo.


Batman & Robin vol. 1: Batman Reborn book coverBatman & Robin vol. 1: Batman Reborn by Grant Morrison & Frank Quietly
This book covers a fun, brief period of time where Batman was “dead” and was replaced by fun-loving Dick Grayson who was partnered with serious, calculating Damian Wayne as his Robin. This is the beginning of a fondly remembered era that is often paid homage in current series.


Batman: Court of Owls book coverBatman: Court of Owls by Scott Snyder & Greg Capullo
I guess this series is 10 years old now (shudders). Bruce Wayne believes he has Gotham pretty much figured out and that his city has no new surprises, but he eventually unearths a decades-long mystery about a secret society that’s been operating in Gotham for decades with connections to Wayne’s family. This was an instant classic the moment it came out and reached heights that Batman comics have tried to replicate in many runs to follow.


Suicide Squad: Bad Blood book coverSuicide Squad: Bad Blood by Tom Taylor & Bruno Redondo
A Suicide book by the same creative team behind Nightwing, the Squad are embroiled with an international incident (like always) and must deal with its effects, when Amanda Waller is ousted as leader and teams up with the new crew, The Revolutionaries. This series has the same fun but socially conscience vibe and wonderful character moments that make Nightwing such a success.


Batgirl: Year One book coverBatgirl: Year One by Chuck Dixon & Scott Beatty
With a brand-new edition coming out next month, I might as well recommend this fan favorite book. As the title implies, we follow Barbara Gordon’s origins as she becomes a caped crusader in her own right. Not too much to add there, I’m so tired… Trust me, it’s a good book!