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5 Books to Get You Ready for Fall

September is right around the corner, and although it’s doubtful that cooler weather is upon us just yet, we’re more than ready to embrace Autumn anyway. So get something pumpkin flavored, grab a sweater (in an air-conditioned room, of course) and snuggle up with these Fall-tastic reads!

Witchy vol. 1 book coverWitchy by Ariel Slamet Ries
If you couldn’t discern from the title, this book is about witches. Ariel Slamet Ries’s Ignatz Award-winning series is the perfect way to transition from Summer to Fall, considering the imagery and set dressing is often less Halloween-y than what’s typically expected from witch-centric stories. Enter the kingdom of Hyalin, where your magic strength is represented by the length of your hair. Long-haired witches are rewarded with the prestigious position of Witch Guard, but those with hair deemed too long are designated an enemy of the kingdom and annihilated. Nyneve, our protagonist, must charm her hair to appear shorter than it truly is for her safety. Soon, however, things begin to go awry for Nyneve, triggering a set of events that we won’t dare spoil. Perfect for a September day that’s a little too warm for comfort, you can’t go wrong here.


The Daughters of Ys book coverThe Daughers of Ys by M.T. Anderson, illustrated by Jo Rioux
Something about this next pick just begs for you to sit down with some tea and a blanket as you read it. The story is based on a Breton folktale and the dark elements typically associated with fairytales of yore are very present here. Follow the two sister-princesses at the heart of the tale as they find themselves at odds over decisions that shape lives and kingdoms. At times grim and at others bittersweet, this one may not be the most uplifting story you could read, but cozy it certainly is.


Garlic & the Vampire book coverGarlic & the Vampire by Bree Paulsen
I mean, look at the cover of this book. Need we say more? Probably not, but we will anyway. With autumnal vegetables as characters and the perfect color palate constructing the village our protagonist lives in, Garlic & the Vampire is the ideal read for anyone craving something with that fall aesthetic. Bonus: the sequel to this book, Garlic & the Witch comes out in September!


Witches book coverWitches by Daisuke Igarashi
For those of you craving a little more horror in your fall prep, look no further than Daisuke Igarashi’s award-winning Witches. The spooky elements are far from in your face, but used with precision: think more gothic horror and less gore. The stories that unfold within this collection are at times unsettling, but far from gratuitous. Magic is inherent, witches are inevitable, and nature is a force to be reckoned with. The darkness within these stories unfolds suddenly, enveloping the reader, then retracting, leaving you with a sense of unease and uncertainty that’s perfect for the scary story lovers out there who just can’t wait until October to sink their teeth into some good spookiness.


Hilda & the Troll book coverHilda & the Troll by Luke Pearson
This series may be for kids, but it’s far from childlike. We at Betty’s Books are staunch believes in the merit of reading “children’s” books, so we mean it when we say this recommendation is for all ages! One look at the color palette of Luke Pearson’s hit series and you can probably understand why it’s on this list. Snuggle up and dig into Hilda, following the titular character as she hops from adventure to adventure.


Hilda & the Troll book coverBonus: Witch Hat Atelier by Kamome Shirahama
Alright, we’ve talked a lot about this series lately so we had to refrain from putting it on the list in an official capacity, but considering it’s one of the author’s favorites, we’d be remiss to leave it out completely. The art is beautiful; the cozy, autumnal vibes are immaculate; and the story is engaging, mysterious, and superbly done. If the idea of combining Kiki’s Delivery Service with Harry Potter gets you pumped, then don’t miss out on this one.