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What to Read Based on Your Favorite Winter Beverage

By Alex Arata

The recent “snow storm” (I swear, we St. Louisans really bring the drama when it comes to a little bit of snow) got me thinking as I hunkered down with a warm mug and a book… What would the best recommendation for my fellow graphic-lit lovers be, based on the contents of their cold weather bevvies? So, naturally, I decided to post about it. Let’s go!

Black Coffee

Billionaires book coverBillionaires by Darryl Cunningham
Alright, everyone, we got a no-nonsense kinda vibe right here! Productive, to the point, and a little (or very) bitter, you’re sure to dig Billionaires by Darryl Cunningham.


Billionaires book coverAudubon: On the Wings of the World by Fabien Grolleau and Jérémie Royer
Much like our black coffee lovers, you may share a similarly productive spirit, but that’s cut with a little softness. Good thing I have the perfect choice for you! Audubon: On the Wings of the World is a cozy yet educational read that pairs perfectly with a latte.


French Milk book coverFrench Milk by Lucy Knisley
Ahh, true coziness at its best: the much-loved chai latte. With that, plus a bit of an appreciation for the finer things in life and a touch of sweetness, I recommend Lucy Knisley’s most underappreciated work, French Milk.

Hot Chocolate

Crumbs book coverCrumbs by Diane Stirling
There’s a good chance you’re under the age of 18, and if you’re not, you’re certainly young at heart! Plus, let’s not forget your incorrigible sweet tooth. With these factors in mind, I humbly point you to the tooth-rotting fluff that is Crumbs by Diane Stirling.

Hot Toddy

Thirsty Mermaids book coverThirsty Mermaids by Kat Leyh
Dang, you know how to party! In the spirit of you and your silly, goofy mood (made even sillier by a bit of over-21 fun), check out Thirsty Mermaids by Kat Leyh. Warning: Much like the beverage inspo, this one is definitely for grown-ups!

English Breakfast

Miss Butterworth and the Mad Baron book coverMiss Butterworth and the Mad Baron by Julia Quinn
Are you a romantic? Or maybe an Anglophile? In either case, I think you’re gonna like this graphic novel from the author of the smash hit Bridgerton series. And just in time for Valentine’s season!


2120 book cover2120 by George Wylesol
You’re a creep, you’re a weirdo, what are you doing here? (Like, actually. What is lemonade doing here, you quirky freak?!) Going against the grain is kinda your thing, so I recommend the choose-your-own-adventure trip that is 2120 by George Wylesol. Plus: it’s yellow!


Happy cozy sipping everyone! (Even you odd-ball lemonade drinkers…)