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The Redcoats Are Coming!: 5 Comics by Brits to Check Out

By Colin Vitro

The Redcoats are coming! Those darn Brits have invaded the American comics scene and they didn’t even spill any of their microwaved tea. If you already burned through Neil Gaiman’s Sandman after binging the Netflix series, check out these other titles from the isles.

Saga of the Swamp Thing book 1 book coverSaga of the Swamp Thing by Alan Moore
This old wizard might have turned his back on the comics scene but that was after casting a spell on this big green smelly thing (not the Hulk). Moore reimagines Swamp Thing in a similar fashion that Gaiman did with Sandman while following similar beats and familiar cameos (do you want to know the origin of that Patton Oswalt crow?)


Animal Man book coverAnimal Man by Grant Morrison
Morrison, Moore, and Gaiman each elevated the superhero genre but whereas Moore and Gaiman tend to shy away from familiar genre conventions and Tropes, Morrison embraces all the kitsch. Animal Man is one of Morrison’s seminal works and throughout this series you will fall in love with Buddy Baker and his family.


Enigma book coverEnigma by Peter Mulligan
Peter Milligan, the British invasions also ran. Solid but not too flashy and gets the job done. Shade the Changing Man isn’t really in print anymore, (check out your local used comic store and you might snag a trade) but Enigma is also a great LBGTQ Vertigo (Now Berger Books) pick about alternate identities and metafiction.


Preacher book coverPreacher by Garth Ennis
I mean you could read The Boys but, to be honest, you’re better watching the Amazon series. Preacher, on the other hand, has Ennis’s familiar, over-the-top, sardonic humor and religious sacrilege, but ends in a satisfying and heartfelt way that most of Ennis’s work lacks.


Preacher book coverDefenders by Al Ewing and Javier Rodriguez
Sometimes, I could use a defender when Alex, the Betty’s Books manager and my mortal frenemy, is defeating me. Ewing & Rodriguez bring an exciting twist into the classic 70’s non-team as they explore previous comics and hang out with Galactus’s mom.