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Stuffy Sleepover Shenanigans

We held our first Pajama Storytime yesterday and our participants left their beloved stuffies with us for a Stuffy Sleepover! Let’s see what our silly friends got up to all night…

At first everyone looked cozy in the spots their friends picked out for them to sleep in.

But it didn’t take long for everyone to get out of bed! Their first activity was playing with the toys in the clubhouse.

Then – what’s this?!

It looks like Dinkles climbed all the way onto the top of the clubhouse!

Then everyone decided to raid the snacks and soda.

It looks like Waffles went a little TOO crazy on the treats!

Luckily Betty was still at the store to remind Waffles to share!

After finishing their snacks, the gang decided to sneak outside for a nighttime walk!

Alex rushed outside to get everyone back in!

Before going back in, Chloe stopped to smell the flowers. Alex asked what her favorite kind was but she couldn’t decide!

By the time Alex and Chloe came back in, Mr. Floppy Ears had climbed all the way up the ladder. Mr. Floppy Ears, the ladder is only for staff!

Next, the gang went into the back room to search for NEW books that aren’t out yet! Olaf got to work trying to find the best ones.

Thanks to Olaf, everyone had great books to read.

Then the stuffy crew got out a game to play!

After the game, everyone started to get a little sleepy, so they decided to snuggle up and watch a movie. Don’t tell Alex they borrowed her computer to watch it on!

What movie were they watching? Let’s see.

After finishing Encanto, the gang was FINALLY tired enough to go to bed for real. They’d become such good friends that they decided to sleep together in the clubhouse. They even used Chloe’s blanket!

Finally, when it was time to get up and open the store, Ari helped Betty start up the register! Thanks, Ari!

It seems like the stuffies had a very exciting sleepover. See you next time!