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Strip Off those Jackets, and Get Your Books Naked!

Katie Schaefer

Dust jackets: a removable outer cover on a book. It is typically made of paper and folds around the case cover to stay in place.

Case covers: the cover of your picture book hiding under the dust jacket. Sometimes they match the dust jacket, sometimes they are an unexpected surprise.


I’m a picture book nerd. I’ve been collecting picture books since I was 18, so when my kiddo was born her bookshelf was already straining under the weight of my collection. One of my favorite parts of buying a new picture book is taking it home and stripping off the dust jacket to see if there is a hidden unexpected design on the case cover. While many ,if not most, case covers are simply a duplicate of the dust jacket, there can be some amazing designs that you might miss, unless you’ve got a toddler like mine who LOVES taking the dust jackets off every single book in our library.

Check out some amazing picture books at Betty’s Books with unexpected case covers waiting for you to discover…after purchasing. After all, Betty’s Books is a family friendly bookstore, we can’t have nude books all over the place.


Does a Bulldozer have a Butt? book cover with and without dust jacket

Does a Bulldozer Have a Butt? by Derick Wilder and K-Fai Steele

A hilarious read that will have your kiddo giggling from the start. A father and child are on a walk where the dad is relentlessly interrogated about what things have butts.  This is a great read to share on Father’s Day!


Gustavo the Shy Ghost book cover with and without dust jacketGustavo the Shy Ghost by Flavia Z. Drago

Gustavo is a shy ghost who desperately wants to be friends with all the other little monsters, so he crafts a plan to use his talents to meet them. This is a sweet story full of fun spooky details.  Read it on Halloween, or any day! It’s such a sweet story!



Sundae with Everything On It book cover with and without dust jacket

A Sundae with Everything On It by Kyle Scheele and Andy J. Pizza


This scrumptious book is about a mom (a quantum physicist) and son (never forgets an ice cream promise). They go on an inter-dimensional quest to find the perfect dessert. As always, Andy J. Pizza’s playful illustrations are packed full of color and energy. A perfect read for the ice cream lovers- and what kid doesn’t like ice cream?!


We All Play book cover with and without dust jacket

We All Play by Julie Flett

A beautiful book that celebrates playtime and the connection between children and the natural world. This would make a amazing addition to any Reggio classroom