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Our Top 4 Daniel Warren Johnson Picks

By Colin Vitro

With the release of Do a Powerbomb! I proclaim that March is now DWJ Month in honor of the work of Daniel Warren Johnson. Johnson is an artist/writer who tends to take a rather silly concept but injects it with so much pathos that you end up fighting back tears near the end. Enjoy one of these DWJ books this month.


Wonder Woman: Dead Earth book coverWonder Woman: Dead Earth by Daniel Warren Johnson with Mike Spicer
This Black Label project from DC has Wonder Woman waking up from a pod in a post-apocalyptic landscape with no idea how she ended up there. I’d recommend this trade to anybody that is enjoying The Last of Us but I’ve never watched/played it so I wouldn’t really know… Unless TLOU has giant mutated monsters and Superman, of course.


Murder Falcon book coverMurder Falcon by Daniel Warren Johnson with Mike Spicer
Heavy Metal and Kaiju’s collide as down-and-out Jake must bring his band back together with the help of Murder Falcon–if the nature of existence has any chance! This has a very silly premise but I swear that I was almost crying by the last page (It wasn’t because I’m a tough guy).


Beta Ray Bill: Argent Star book coverBeta Ray Bill: Argent Star by Daniel Warren Johnson with Mike Spicer
Everybody’s favorite horse-faced Asgardian-adjacent hero is on a journey into Hell on a mission to make himself less ugly… I can relate all too well. I believe I had this as a staff pick coinciding with the last Thor movie and while that movie was hot garbage this book is just plain hot… like Hell!


Do a Powerbomb book coverDo a Powerbomb! by Daniel Warren Johnson and Mike Spicer
I don’t watch wrestling nor have a big interest too but my favorite thing is listening to friends and others gush about wrestling lore (seriously they are the best, find a friend and have them do an info dump about plotlines involving Vince McMahon). DAPB!‘s Lona Steelrose is in Summer Slam to rule them all on a galactic scale with the prize being the resurrection of her mother, but in order to succeed she needs to team up with Cobrasun, the man who killed her mother in a ring. With plenty of twists and turns and heartache, by the final page you’ll be screaming “BY GAWD!”