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July Staff Picks!

Check out this month’s staff picks from the Betty’s Books crew!

Cydney’s Pick


Gamayun Tales I book coverGamayun Tales I by Alexander Utkin
Gamayun Tales I is a flurry of adventures taking place in a magical, jam-packed world of talking animals, invisible spirits, enchanted chests, and more! The mix of beautiful, hand-drawn graphite drawings with vibrant, digital color invites you into this unique world!


Colin’s Pick


Defenders #1 book coverDefenders #1 by Al Ewing, illustrated by Javier Rodríguez
When this series first came out, I was barely interested. But when I heard that it was an esoteric deconstruction of tropes and hero archetypes I had to jump in. Ewing is a writer I’ve been keeping my eye on, and his stuff tends to be pretty dense but, worth it! Rodriguez’s art speaks for itself, and the panel layout is a jaw-dropping pop art fest.


Betty’s Pick


Grande Odalisque book coverThe Grande Odalisque by Bastien Vivès
Think Charlie’s Angels, but they’re honorable thieves. Plus, no Charlie. There’s more: meta-commentary about the male gaze, tenderly rendered found family, and a cliffhanger ending that will leave you wanting more. And OBVIOUSLY… gorgeous art.


Alex’s Pick


Witch Hat Atelier 1 book coverWitch Hat Atelier by Kamome Shirahama
A magic school, little girl witches, AND gorgeous art?! Witch Hat Atelier has it all. This is a captivating yet comforting series that will have you turning page after page. It’s wholesome but not too sweet, and perfect for ages thirteen and up – adults included!


Mary’s Pick


Bathe the Cat book coverBathe the Cat by Alice B McGinty, illustrated by David Roberts
This charming story follows a sneaky kitty’s desperate attempts to get out of having a bath! Follow Dad and Papa as they do their best to get the job done – with plenty of rhymes and beautiful illustrations along the way.


Bruce’s Pick


Where Do Diggers Take Vacation book coverWhere Do Diggers Take Vacation? by Brianna Caplan Sayres
For all the automobile-obsessed little ones out there, we have the perfect summertime pick! Where Do Diggers Take Vacation is the latest installment in the “Where Do” series, following all kinds of vehicles everywhere, this time, straight to the beach.