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August Staff Picks!

Check out this month’s staff picks from the Betty’s Books crew!


Betty’s Pick


Wicked + the Divine vol. 1 book coverThe Wicked + the Divine vol. 1 by Kieron Gillen, illustrated by Jamie Mckelvie
Holy smokes I loved finally reading this series this summer! Right from the jump McKelvie’s artwork is eye popping, and the premise of a diverse pantheon of gods who are reborn every ninety years as young celebrities who then die after two years is intriguing. But even more delightfully, the story unfolds with many surprising twists and turns, as well as slowly unfurling questions about the nature of identity, power, and its costs. This is definitely an adult read with content comparable to an HBO series. I recommend it for anyone who is a fan of other Image bangers, such as Paper Girls and Saga, but also for anyone who likes celebrity gossip, murder mysteries, and mythology.


Alex’s Pick


The Well book coverThe Well by Jake Wyatt, illustrated by Choo
I’ve been a fan of Choo, the artist behind this beautiful comic, for years! Their detailed, muted color-palette style suits the mystical and somewhat melancholy story woven by Jake Wyatt so well. Follow Lizzy as she comes of age facing the most ruthless opponent possible: fate itself. Plus the giant sea monster.


Cydney’s Pick


Something New book coverSomething New by Lucy Knisley
A joy for single romantics and newly engaged wedding planners alike, Something New tells the real-life love story of comic creator Lucy Knisley and her husband, John. Knisley expires the societal challenges, traditions, and joys of planning a wedding from her own heartfelt, goofy perspective.


Colin’s Pick


Ice Cream Man vol. 1 book coverIce Cream Man vol. 1 by W. Maxwell Prince, illustrated by Martín Morazzo & Chris O’Halloran
It’s getting close to the end of summer and you know what that means, Ice Cream and eventually knowing that nothing really matters and we leave virtually no impact day to day. We grow old, decay, and get swarmed with bugs; the cycle repeats and never ends…. Pick Up this anthology of spooky tales by W. Maxwell Prince with art by Martín Morazzo and Chris O’Halloran.


Jake’s Pick


Bone vol. 1 book coverBone #1: Out From Boneville by Jeff Smith
Bone is a great book. It’s got great art, a great story, great characters and even a great dragon. I really wanna ride that dragon and I really wanna recommend this book to people of any age who enjoy fantasy and a good adventure.


Mary’s Pick


Heart Takes the Stage book coverHeart Takes the Stage by Steenz
This collection of comics from the ongoing strip Heart of the City is a great choice for the back-to-school season. Join protagonist Heart Lamarr as she grapples with middle school and all that comes with it, written and illustrated beautifully by local author and artist Steenz.


Bruce’s Pick


Time for School, Little Blue Truck book coverTime for School, Little Blue Truck by Alice Schertle
August is the perfect month to jump into this iteration of the modern classic Little Blue Truck series! You and your little one can follow along as animals all around town get rides to school from Little Blue Truck. All aboard!