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8 Picks to Get You Into Superhero Comics

By Colin Vitro

It’s the start of the New Year and you know what that means: 2023, New (time for) Me (to find new starting points to get into superhero comics)!


Moon Knight: The Midnight Mission book coverMoon Knight: The Midnight Mission by Jed McKay & Alessandro Cappucio with Rachelle Rosenberg
The Disney+ series was a hit with some fans and a miss for others, but the comic series that coincides with it was a hit all around. New readers need only a passing familiarity with Moon Knight to jump in with this back to basics urban supernatural series, and there’s vampires!


Nubia & The Amazons book coverNubia & The Amazons by Vita Ayala & Stephanie Williams with art by Alitha Martinez
DC has been pushing Nubia into the spotlight these last couple of years after years of neglect. Nubia, for those not in the know, was created in the 70’s as Wonder Woman’s sister (the exact details I’d rather not say because the 70’s weren’t quite as sensitive to these topics). Stephanie Williams has had a run of mini series (following this we have a Wonder Woman event, Trial of The Amazons, followed by another mini) that is essentially redefining Nubia from the ground up and setting her up for bigger and brighter presence within the DC Universe.


Amazing Spider-Man Beyond book coverAmazing Spider-Man: World Without Love book coverAmazing Spider-Man Beyond by Zeb Wells, Kelly Thompson, & Cody Zigler with art by Patrick Gleason, Sara Pichelli, & Micheal Dowiling and Amazing Spider-Man: World Without Love by Zeb Wells with Art by John Romita Jr.
Beyond is a creative refresh to set up a bold new future for the web-slinger before Wells & Romita take over the title series. Customers coming into BB’s often find it difficult to find a starting place with Spider-Man because Marvel resets the numbering (as does DC) and our shelves get bogged down with a ton of volume one trades. These two books are what you need if you want to jump into Spider-Man right now; It’s Spider-Man, but it’s nothing too radical yet.


Batgirls: One Way or Another book coverBatgirls: One Way or Another by Becky Cloonan & Michael W. Conrad with art by Jorge Corona
Fan favorites Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown return with help from the original Batgirl, Barbara Gordan. Corona’s art has an exciting graffiti style that’s energetic and compliments the fun vibes of the trio of Batgirls that will delight old and new readers alike.


Immortal X-Men book coverX-Men: Red book coverImmortal X-Men by Kieron Gillen with art by Lucas Werneck & Michele Bandini and X-Men: Red by Al Ewing with art by Stefano Casselli
Now we all love the Krakoa era of X-Men but if we’re being honest, it got to be a little dense and incomprehensible unless you were there at the beginning. Hickman has just wrapped up his X-Men era with Inferno and now a new creative team is handling the future of the mutants. Gillen’s Immortal focuses on the political intrigue within the Quiet Council on Krakoa (think Game of Thrones with less nudity and more mutants). Over on Red, Ewing has Storm and Magneto on the newly colonized mars hanging out with the mutants from another dimension; either you’re into that or you’re not.


The Flash: Eclipsed book coverThe Flash: Eclipsed by Jeremy Adams with art by Will Conrad, Christian Duce, & Fernando Pasarin
The trade before this one is technically the start of Jeremy Adams’ fan favorite run, but Eclipsed is where the real fun starts as Wally is juggling being a superhero, husband, and father to two super-powered twins. This collection has the fun INTERACTIVE issue 776 that, when I first read it in November 2021, had me bummed that we don’t sell single issues at BB; it was that instant of a recommendation. This series has been a fun, light-hearted ride for all ages that I think is a nice entry point for anyone interested in the Scarlet Speedster.