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5 Gift Ideas for Music Lovers

Rocking Around the Christmas Tree
It’s the Holiday Season and
Whoop de Doo!
I bet you could use some gift ideas
Teedle Lee Dum
So here’s five books for the music lover in your life.


Bowie book coverBowie by Michael Allred, Steve Horton, & Laura Allred
A popular choice from a few years ago that takes a look at David Bowie’s life, primarily focusing on his early years, in the classic style of the Allreds.


RedBone: The True Story of a Native American Rock Band book coverRedBone: The True Story of a Native American Rock Band by Christian Staebler, Thibault Balahy, & Sonia Paoloni
Mostly known nowadays for being on the soundtrack of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 1., these underrated legends finally get their story told in this wonderful graphic bio.


Hendrix: Electric Requiem book coverHendrix: Electric Requiem by Mattia Colombara & Gianluca Maconi
Excuse me while I miss this guy while reading this spellbinding journey through the life of Jimi Hendrix.


Sublime: $5 at the Door book coverSublime: $5 at the Door by Various
Look, I’ll level with you, I’m not really a Sublime fan, but I know some (I think we all do) and this anthology seems fun and has plenty of talented artists attached.


Leonard Cohen: On a Wire book coverLeonard Cohen: On a Wire by Phillipe Girard
I don’t know how to explain this but I believe the best time to listen to Leonard Cohen is that aimless melancholic period between Christmas and New Years and this book perfectly captures that vibe.